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From the best brows to Brazilians, we offer fast hair removal for men and women that are sure to leave you feeling fabulous We specialize in strip wax and believe it to be faster less painful than other waxing techniques We use only sterile one-time : use equipment needles, cartridges, disposables cover everything else non disposable with barrier film for your maximum safety Whether youre getting your brows threaded or sitting down for a manicure, you can count on us to give you the makeover youve been wanting Youll feel like a brand-new person when you step out of our salon LISA IS A GODDESS!! I was refereed to her thru a mutual friend and now I’m a forever client I’ve always had an issue with my brows Which led to a serious case of brow envy Lisa took care of all that with Microblading She was able to give me full, natural looking “man brows”!! I can’t thank her enough!! I feel more confident and look a hell of a lot younger I highly suggest this for any guy looking for that finishing touch It makes a HUGE difference soleil tan de chanel bronzerzohra i am also nc 35 and honestly until you want a completely tanned look, i wouldnt suggest this if you can, go for mac onzer, nars laguna/ casino or chanel bronzing powder : on orders over $98 99 The lightweight cream is best applied with a CHANEL brush to smooth the bronzer where the sun would hit, such as across cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and décolleté The biggest offences that bronzers make is when they show up orange, or are too sparkly This is neither too cool nor too warm, too shimmery nor too matte It works so well for every skintone because however you wear it and whatever your undertone, it doesn’t sit on skin but instead blends into it Significant enough that people will notice the effect but not so drastic that people will think you don’t use SPF It has the perfect cream texture - bouncy and blendable, it melts into your skin instead of sitting on top or ruining your hard-earned glow best flat top kabuki foundation brushThis is by far the best brush I have ever used for mineral makeup application The soft bristles pick up just the right amount of product to allow for a flawless look A must have brush for Lucy Minerals! Use the Flat Kabuki brush to apply a lightweight liquid, cream, or mineral foundation to the main, flat areas of the face I use the flat top foundation brush for foundation or blush maybe powder too! : - Multi-Function Face Brush apply foundation: liquid, cream, BB cream, blush, powder, mineral makeup, concealers, etc - High Quality Ultra Soft and Dense Synthetic Bristles - Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly- Hypoallergenic - Fast and Easy Application for airbrushed look - Easy to Clean - The Essential Collection includes seven versatile and easy to use brushes to turn even a novice into an expert Set Contents:Kabuki BrushPowder BrushConcealer BrushEye Shadow BrushEye Blending Brush


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